About Rescue Bondi

RACQ OFF is a community campaign supported by Rescue Bondi – in collaboration with the Bondi Beach Precinct and Bondi (West) Precinct, as well as all who care about Bondi’s unique culture.  We were successful in stopping the rezoning of these tennis courts a few years back and with your help, we can do it again.

Rescue Bondi’s purpose is to provide a voice for the Bondi community to stand up against inappropriate developments that threaten to ruin our iconic suburb. These developments serve to benefit the developers but leave people who live and work here  with:

  • More oversized buildings
  • Less parking
  • More traffic
  • Less open space
  • Failed small businesses
  • Having to deal with antisocial behaviour
  • More crowding in what is already the most densely populated municipality in Australia.

Enough is enough! We are here to draw the line in the sand and stand up on our towels to protect Bondi – a suburb that serves as one of the biggest tourist attractions for our nation – and a place that many of us call home.

Let’s stop Bondi becoming the Surfer’s Paradise of the south!

Email rescuebondi@iinet.com.au if you would like to help with the campaign – we would LOVE to hear from you!