5pm Wednesday 5th is your last chance to say NO!

The 70+ year old Wellington Street tennis courts have been closed down by the developers, Sports Properties, to make way for 42+ apartments. To do this, they have applied once  again to rezone the land. This means the community loses access to recreational space, and Bondi gets another block of apartments.

Council has said NO three times! Your local member the Hon. Gabrielle Upton has consistently objected to this proposal since 2010, and YOU have said a resounding NO over and over.

If you have said No Rezone before, then Council needs you to say No Rezone again! Council needs to give the State Government a report, and the more letters you write, the stronger their case. This is the ONLY CHANCE that the State Government is going to give you to have an official say.

This ONE and ONLY chance ends at 5pm, Wednesay 5th November!

1. Go HERE to send a Template Objection

2. Go directly to Council to submit your objection

3. Or email: waver@waverley.nsw.gov.au


From this to this

Go here for some EXAMPLE LETTERS, as well as KEY ISSUES to include. But it’s always best to make the letter your own and include personal reasons as to why you support Bondi’s Recreational Space. If you think Bondi Beach needs to keep what’s left of its recreational space rather than build more apartments just for profit, then say so now.

12 Responses to 5pm Wednesday 5th is your last chance to say NO!

  1. Marjie says we need this space! My grandchildren live in a unit and need space to run and play. There are hundreds of units in this area and everyone needs places to exercise.

  2. Denise Reid says:

    I agree, the Wellington Street courts should stay. Bondi is busy enough. Development on that land will substantially increase traffic in an already congested area with limited parking. The courts assist in filling the need for recreational and green areas in our suburbs. Don’t remove them

  3. Annika Droga says:

    Leave our space alone! enough of your rezoning, we need space to be health! and be a community

  4. Jen Freer says:

    This rezoning is just ridiculous. We live in an apartment in Tamarama and used to play on these courts all the time. The courts were part of our families healthy life and its so frustrating that this is again going back to council for the third time when it has already been objected to, supported by council and rejected to NOT REZONE from leisure to residential. I hope someone (that could be you!) like Alan Jones gets hold of this proposal and gives the people of our area an even bigger voice telling everyone that it’s just wrong. There’s a primary school in this street and it looks like 2 new developments are now lurking in the shadows to get approval…Wellington street is already so busy…we don’t need more cars and people, we need more green area. If this goes through it just has to be a “shonky” deal! PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT…YOUR EMAILS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  5. Felicity Hannan says:

    Please don’t do this!!!!!

  6. luc Gondard says:

    Same old, same old. A bunch of developers wanted more space to built a highly profitable blocks of units. FREE whatever!.
    The project is not sustainable considering the parking situation on Hall street and the general infrastructure in Bondi Beach. The FREE association has been offered an alternative site in Bondi by the Council, why do they insist on this location?
    I am sick and tired of the usual lobbying by a handful of people for their own profit. I trust the councilors will see past the smoke screen and vote for the benefit of the majority of the residents in BONDI. Luc

  7. Roslyn says:

    Thank you so much for organising this campaign to save open space. Once it’s gone, it will be gone forever.

    Is there anything else we can do to help you (the organisers) apart from the 5 points you listed above? I can see you are putting a lot of work into this, and I know what it is like to be a volunteer — you are probably trying to help organise this fight this in your spare time. Let us know if we can give you a hand.

  8. Ian Leslie says:

    I am deeply sadened at the prospect of yet another loss of amenties in an already overcrowded, over developed precint of Sydney. Our community and elected Council representatives must begin to put the needs of ordinary citizens, on a equal footing with the interests of business.
    Free space is an essential to a healthy balanced community. It is like the air we breath and the beaches we enjoy. It is essential to our well being….our health and peace of mind. Sport and in particular tennis is a vital recreational activity. It is essential that we protect what few such sites we have for the health of our younger generation. This impacts on a whole range of issues both physical and mental.
    If as a society we are serious about fighting obesity and all its associated problems…then stop taking away vital sporting amentities. Over the past 40 years the Eastern suburbs has progressively lost most of its tennis facilities as free space is replaced by development. Don’t let this happen again in the heart of Bondi.
    Councilors stand up for your constituents, your young people, our future generation. Save the Wellington Street tennis centre. Let the children play. They deserve nothing less. (Ian Leslie)

  9. I live on Roscoe St which is the narrow one way street directly after the tennis courts on Wellington. Hall St which lies on the other side of the tennis courts is also one way and narrow. Maneuvering through this area is already problematic, visitor parking is non-existent and to think what a huge development like this will do is scary.

    The fact is, we don’t have many outdoor facilities left in Bondi due to a money-hungry minority. Please don’t let Bondi suffer any more than it has Council!

  10. bondi local says:

    Keep up the good work guys, just had to mention the following:

    Having attended a number of Council meeting and Precinct meetings regarding the FREE proposal for 105 Wellington Street , it irks me to hear Mr. Morrison of FREE repeatedly say that “the Tennis Courts do not exist”.

    What is his agenda here?

    The land, zoned ‘open space’ has been used as tennis courts for 60 years. Many generations of locals have enjoyed using the tennis court facility and hope to continue doing so.

    Mr Morrison also says that the proposed development will not affect traffic or parking. Who is he trying to kid?

    These arguments have lost all credibility, the community sees it, the Council sees it

  11. open space is ace says:

    Lets fight against OVER development in Bondi! Its so important to make our views heard. What a great source of information this site is – Well Done!

  12. Concerned resident says:

    Well done. We’re on board. Thanks for putting in the effort in pulling this material together. Really useful!!

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